Background and Education

Pauline Weissman, MS, CNS, holds her Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition as well as being certified by the Certification Board of Nutrition Specialists,¬† which earned her the CNS certification. She is also a member of the American College of Human Nutrition and continues to broaden¬†and enrich her education on a daily basis.

She has extensive experience with a wide variety of acute and chronic issues directly related to nutritional imbalances or deficiencies.

Her focus is on natural approaches to wellness and her method of nutrition therapy is successfully reached through food, supplement and lifestyle programs designed to fit her clients individual needs. In addition to seeing private clients, she currently gives workshops and lectures at a variety of venues in the Greater Hartford Area.

Additionally, as a busy Mom of four young children, she fully understands how meal planning can be a struggle and the organization it takes to feed a busy family healthfully.

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